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need help geting the right struts.
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I just got my 2002 legacy back from the subaru dealership and the rear camber is way negative. thay told me it was cause some one before i owned it had installed wagon struts in the rear only. and that putting the right ones in would fix this.
They checked all the bushings, links, arms and sub frame and saw no problems with them. I also did my own inspection and found nothing wrong there.
the driver side rear is at -2.5 and the passenger rear is at -2.6.

so my question is this. I have looked up on different sits struts for my ride but none of them specific if they are for a wagon or sedan.

these are the ones I'm thinking of getting, but are they right?

KYB EUROPE Part # 341275 Excel-G; Twin-Tube; Type:Gas Pressure; Mounting Type:Top pin, Bottom eye
Rear Axle
For vehicles without ride height adjustment; For vehicles without electronic suspension control; Exc.: Outback
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