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Rear Suspension Upgrades: RSB, Endlinks, Support Brace
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Hopefully this helps some of you guys who are on the fence on installing a rear sway bar (RSB), endlinks, and/or stabilizer brace. I personally love my new setup. Very nice and stable in hard turns and corners.

  1. AVO Rear 21mm Stabilizer Bar (RSB) (S2C07G1HS021J)
  2. Kartboy Endlinks
  3. AVO Rear Stabilizer Mount Brace (S2C08G1HT002T)
  4. Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease (red)
  5. (2) Kartboy front spacers

  1. 13mm, 14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 19mm sockets
  2. 13mm, 14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 19mm ratcheted wrenches
  3. 1/2" torque wrench
  4. 3/8" socket wrench
  5. 1/2"-to-3/8" adapters
  6. 1/2" breaker bar
  7. 3/8" 5mm hex socket
  8. ramps or jack stands
  9. hydraulic jack

  1. Put the rear of the car on jack stands (one-notch is fine)
  2. Optional: Support the rear crossmember with the hydraulic jack in case you accidentally remove both large 19mm crossmember bolts; your whole bottom end WILL fall down, so don't do that!
  3. Starting with the LEFT endlink, remove the bottom bolt and nut (REUSE)
  4. Remove the top bolt on the LEFT endlink using a ratcheted wrench and the 5mm hex socket
  5. Repeat the previous two steps on the RIGHT side
  6. The endlinks should be free from the control arms and the old sway bar
  7. Remove the bolts from the LEFT stabilizer bracket (REUSE bolts and bracket)
  8. Repeat about step for the RIGHT side
  9. The rear sway bar should be free; slide it out between the exhaust and the bottom-side of the trunk
  10. Grab the AVO rear sway bar (RSB)
  11. Liberally grease the bushings and install on the sway bar
  12. Insert the AVO RSB from the rear of the car, above the exhaust and below the bottom-side of the trunk
  13. For now, hang the AVO RSB using just the OEM sway bar brackets
  14. One side at a time! Loosen the LEFT crossmember bolt with the breaker bar/ratchet + 19mm socket
  15. Remove the black circular plate between the cylindrical mount and the bolt (NOT resused)
  16. Grab the LEFT-HAND (LH) AVO Support Brace
  17. Install the brace using the big 19mm bolt; perfectly align the brace between the OEM RSB bracket (torque to 100Nm afterwards)
  18. Reinstall the two RSB bracket bolts and spacers
  19. Repeat the above three steps for the RIGHT-HAND (RH) side
  20. Grab the Kartboy endlinks
  21. Grease the insides of endlinks; the sleeves slide out
  22. Starting with the LEFT, feed the Kartboy bolt towards the center in the following sequence: washer->Kartboy front spacer->Kartboy endlink (top)->Kartboy front spacer->AVO RSB->washer->nut
  23. Reinsert the bottom bolt, feeding it front-to-back, in the following sequence: washer->control arm hole->fat Kartboy rear spacer->Kartboy endlink->skinny Kartboy rear spacer->control arm hole->nut
  24. Repeat the above three steps for the RIGHT side
  25. Ensure the AVO RSB, endlinks, and bracket are all properly aligned, then torque down accordingly:
  26. Torque endlink bolts: 44.7Nm
  27. Torque bracket bolts: 40.7Nm
  28. Torque crossmember bolts: 100Nm
  29. Remove the hydraulic jack, tools, people, fingers, limbs, head, and anything you don't want to lose from under car, then lower!
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