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Positive news so far. I was told cylinder 3 was not firing at all when I dropped it off and there was a strong smell of gasoline. He put a new spark plug in 3, fired it up and it idled smoothly. As of now, the spark plug fouled out and replacing it seems to have fixed the issue. He's keeping it this morning to put a few miles on it to make sure it keeps running correctly.

Now.... this will not be a popular decision. Yesterday, he changed plugs 1 and 3 and put Bosch high performance copper core spark plugs and it fired up great. This morning he's going to change 2/4. It will not have the Iridium plug by NGK like it calls for. He is well aware of my concern about not using the NGK Iridium OEM plugs.

He said he's run into this before when cars get some age on them and for whatever reason (I didn't understand) certain vehicles perform better with the copper plug. He said he has done this several times before when performance type cars called for certain plugs like Iridium or Titanium and switching to the copper plug made all the difference. Something about the car doesn't burn as clean as when it was new etc....again I didn't understand his explanation but the guy is sharp and knows his stuff.

I'm willing to try it and see if it fixes my intermittent misfires that have plagued me since the 100K tune up. I will update after I get the car back and have a few days to drive it.