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carpet hook in 05 Legacy
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I'm in the process of changing the inboard fan on my wife's Legacy (and installing a subwoofer). While doing all this, I noticed that the hook that keeps the foot carpet for the driver's side from sliding "downhill" under the pedals is broken off -- which probably explains why there is no foot carpet there.

I ordered a new hook awhile back, and have it on hand. However, I don't know how to get it into the place where the old one is missing or broken off. Does anyone know if it's a snap fit, slide fit, or ????

You'd think this would be easy, but the base carpet still covers the hole where the fitting goes, so I can't see what's down there. And the main carpet doesn't readily move out of the way because it goes from the door sill ingress strip on each side of the car, and way front to back in the car as well. If I take the ingress strip off, does that allow me to easily access that little hole I've mentioned above?

All ideas on how to fix what sees to be a simple (but isn't) problem greatly appreciated!
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