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OK, I got a mechanics stethoscope.

The motor has obvious knock at low RPMS around 2k but its only truly audible with the stethoscope on it. The noise is audible outside of the car when its cold. Basically this is "just starting." Its not severe, nothing has come apart. The only thing that could be happening is the knock sensor derating the engine and causing a misfire on cyl #1. The CEL for this comes back very quickly after clearing codes.

What I want to know from the Subaru experts is:

How long will the engine last like this?

Would you just trade it off and get rid of it (honestly now) or would you swing in another engine? Or would you drive it till it really gets bad?

I have not found a 1999 EJ22 for under $500. I have to drive all the way to Kentucky to get it. The 1999 motor looks totally different than the other older models.

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