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Don't get me started on fog lights ....Subaru's that come with fog lights are wired so the fog lights work in conjunction with the low beam lights and only with them. You cannot have your parking lights and fog lights on BC Motor Vehicle Regs Sec 4.11 and see if Subaru complies in that area......I mentioned this to a number of Subaru techs and they just shrug it off.
I re-wire all my cars so that the DRL's are deleted and the fogs will work with parking lamps alone or parking lamps and headlights.....before someone cries that DRL's are required by law in Canada....the are NOT....the wording in the Act says "A vehicle MAY be equipped with day time running lights" There is no regulation covering when or if they may be used.

Fog lamps

4.11 (1) A motor vehicle may be equipped with 2 fog lamps, mounted on the front of the vehicle below the headlamps, that are capable of displaying only white or amber light.
(2) Each fog lamp must be
(a) mounted not more than 30 cm below the headlamps, and
(b) adjusted and aimed so that, at a distance of 8 m from the lamp, the centre of the beam is at least 10 cm below the height of the fog lamp.
(3) The fog lamp wiring and switch must permit simultaneous operation of the parking lamps, tail lamps, licence plate lamp and, if required, clearance lamps.
(4) The operator of a vehicle may use fog lamps instead of headlamps when atmospheric conditions make the use of headlamps disadvantageous