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JDM Legacy B4 Airbag Light
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I am stationed in Japan. Just bought a 2001 Twin Turbo Legacy B4 with automatic trans. A few days after getting it the airbag light is on. The next morning it is off. Didn't think much of it, but a day later it is back on so I start digging on what the problem may be. It seems to be intermittent with no rhym or reason. Anybody know how to activate the self diagnostics of the airbag system on these cars so I can pull some codes and hopefully fix this on my own. The stealerships over here want an arm a leg and then your first born for basic work. $3500 to replace front wheel bearings on a 98 Legacy RS. $1000 to do a front brake job. Get the picture. Any and all replies are appreciated. Thanks.
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