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Are Subaru speakers more susceptible to water damage than in other cars?
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I'm new here--hope I'm posting this correctly...

My 2002 Subaru was broken into, driver's window, during a rainstorm. As if it wasn't bad enough that the jerks "liberated" my iPod, power converter, and GPS unit, they also damaged my stereo.

The new stereo the shop put in sounded awful, and it turned out three of the six speakers were now not working (they all worked before the break-in). The adjuster says that the speakers had "long-term water damage", and won't cover their replacement. He says that Subaru doors are put together differently from most cars, and that there is no shielding of the speakers from water damage that might come from water getting in around the windows.

Has anyone else heard this? I'm arguing that even if that is the case, the probability of three speakers going out simultaneously, only by coincidence (i.e. unrelated to getting wet during the break-in) is awfully darn small.

Any info you have would be helpful to me.


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