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Originally Posted by sqc151 View Post
other than the control arm being a hair off. everything looks ok from the pics, you see the bolt all the way to the left in this pic? this moves the bottom of the wheel in and out for camber. try and move it so the bottom of the wheel is as far out as possible. also i didnt see any pics of the strut with the wheel off. just something to look at again. also the dragging of the rear can be a caliper or bad bearing. do you hear any noise from the rear when driving? if its a rubbing (humming sound) its the bearing, if it sounds scratchy and two pieces of metal rubbing, then its the caliper locking up. make sure you brakes are bled well also.

hope this helps, keep us updated.
So that is the control arm? I did several searches and still wasnt sure if that is the boxy arm in the foreground, which is slightly bent, or the round one in the background, which seems perfectly straight still. I will check that bolt tomorrow. The strut is so far buried into the body that it's impossible to see much of it - the parts that you can see look exactly like the strut on the other side.

The noise I hear occasionally from the back rear... after thinking a long time the best I can describe it is really a rattle. Definitely no humming or grinding, just a kind of a rattle and not very loud. Tends to happen when accelerating/cornering.

This is the bolt you meant?

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