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I conceded that they're "illegal" a long time ago (even though I genuinely believe that's open to interpretation), so why do you keep repeating it as if I don't admit that? And what's this about pissing and moaning and trying to blame other people?

I'm not pretending it's not a big deal. I'm stating a FACT that it's not a big deal, just like removing a cat is not a big deal. You can call that my opinion, but there's plenty of others who would feel the same, just as there are others who would side with you.

Nobody is going to run in to me. Seriously. It's not gonna happen. Now if you remove a cat, it's not a matter of possibly adding extra pollutants into the air (like me possibly being rear ended). You're absolutely adding extra pollutants into the environment, which violates several state and federal laws.

My tails being "dangerous" is a matter of opinion. Just like it being a matter of opinion that throwing away an oil-soaked paper towel is "dangerous" for the environment...or that going 5mph over the speed limit makes you "dangerous" to everyone around you.

Having moved past the argument of legality, my point, again, is that haters gonna hate. You seem stuck on only repeating your conclusion that they're illegal (rather than acknowledging my questions about other illegal activities around here), which leads to me believe that you began your objections here because you felt a need to police an illegal modification simply because it can be defined as illegal. So shouldn't you post in other threads every time someone advertises a new illegal modification? Do you think taillight tint is worse than the excessive speeding that's regularly posted here? You have yet to answer this line of questioning.

I definitely don't want to piss you off and have that be how I get my feet wet around here, so I'm gonna take a step back after this post.

I do thank you for your input.