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Dude seriously!?!?!? I know you were trying to help but you were off topic since I didn't ask about lower temperatures you were reffering to. Where the hell in my post do you see me asking about lower temperatures? The only relevance is the fact that yeh, in winter it's won!!
I think I have pretty good understanding of winter vs. summer fuel. Do you? There is enough data out there suggesting that winter gas is more knock resistant just like E85 is, obviously not to such extend. I think it's a good enough reason to raise discussion on how healthy are summer tunes that are used in the winter. We could discuss further but then you will start on other irrelevant issues so what's the point. Also, I never asked about guarantees, you missed it again have you? I asked about opinion, I asked people that understand that subject better then anyone else >>TUNERS. Everything was good and this thread would be done after Infamous voiced his opinion if not for you irrelevant whining.