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I had it checked out at the dealership today...the whole thing is F**ked...they took it apart and tried a variety of different "Known to be good" modules and it just does not work properly......Sirius radio does not work at all......stereo drops dead from time to time while driving and the GPS couldn't find it's own ass with both hands.
Todays GPS blunders...sitting at and intersection waiting to turn right towards home...and the GPS is set to take me "Home"......instruction is to drive straight ahead for 700 meters, make a U turn, drive 700 meters back to the intersection I am sitting at and then turn left...WFT????
Entire Navi unit is being replaced as soon as they get a new one in...they say about a week. The service guy took it for a drive and came back shaking his head.....just a bad unit it seems.....they confirm that all the settings are correct but the unit can't follow them and the stereo is basically toast.

BTW....I set the GPS, when I took delivery, saving the dealership lot as a "Favorite" cannot get me to within 5 Km of the dealership on it's own ....just keeps sending me around in circles if I didn't know to ignore the directions.

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