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Originally Posted by Zero1 View Post
Yes but those are preset ratios not actual gears. Maybe you could enlighten us on how the transitions are in both auto and manual shift modes?

My 2012 Impreza has the six preset ratios when you shift it into manual mode and the transitions are slow and smooth at best not like a traditional auto in manual mode. It's also a little rev laggy (revs continue high like you're letting the clutch slip too much) which makes it feel a little too bleh for my taste.

I'm not doubting where CVT technology COULD go but for the foreseeable future I would not get my hopes up for big power, spirited driving use out of any CVT.
The reason the transitions are slow and smooth is because the "gears" are never disengaged as they are in a traditional automatic. Instead of getting no forward thrust between gears, the CVT still gives you thrust as it transitions.

Also, when in manual mode, it should feel just like any other auto or manual holding a gear - you'll get the same engine braking when off throttle, you won't get unanticipated gear changes. What you will get is 8 ratios from which to choose, which is 25% more than their current six-speed trannys.

It'll be interesting to learn more about when torque-converter lock-up happens.