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a Front Sway Bar Install. W/ pics.
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So after searching and searching, i decided to just go ahead and start my front sway bar install WITHOUT a Walkthrough from the forum.

I researched enough on the full idea on sway bar upgrades and suggest you do the same. so heres an illustrated version, for the ones seeking to tackle this task.
Prepare for a FEW+ hours off the streets and under the car.
I just used WD-40 to break loose and clean tools and hardware.
Keep all the parts that are removed from the car (nuts, Bolts, etc.. etc...) CLEAN,
as they will need to be Re-installed.
Use "Anti sieze metal compound" on all bolts re-entered into your car,
for a more quality job.

First off :
put the car on ramps
The car needs to stay at a level stance from left to right to keep the sways from having any tension upon removal. ramps do the trick.

Second :
remove splash guard of course, you can not work with that in the way.
now you can attempt to remove the Front Endlinks
you would need a size 4 alan key and a 14mm wrench,
but save your self some time and use some kind of cutting tool to remove them.
you only need to cut the one side of the link that attaches to the control arm.
my tool of choice was Sawz-All.

Third :
Remove the chassis brace, directly under the bar.
you can not fish the oem bar out, again save time and remove the 10 bolts holding it in.
you can leave the 2 bolts located in the center towards the rear of the vehicle backed out 3/4 of the way to give yourself enough room to get the bar out. thats what i did. no need to fully remove it.

Fourth :
Remove left and right stay brackets / bushings,
I replaced mine with aftermarket ones, suggest you do the same.
now the oem bar and the oem endlinks go through the open area of the chassis brace, and then removed from underneath your car. go on, GET!
NO PICS, self explanatory..

Fifth :
When re-installing the upgraded stay brackets/bushing (poly),
you want to use a lithium based water proof grease.
Apply grease inside of Bushing, between the bracket and bushing, and on the Bar.
i did a lil over kill on the grease, but who cares right.. in theory i know im good.
now Re-attach Stay brackets and upgraded Bar, loosely.
you will need to move the bar side to side to match up with the new Solid endlinks.

Sixth :
I'm using Whitelines solid front Endlinks, With the $5 Whiteline washers. GET the washers.
place the washer between the the bar and control arm,
and between the bar and the endlink. easy as that.
Start with the bar in the general area they are gonna sit during use
(Bar higher than Control arm)
when fitting Endlinks to the bar.
remember, Keep things LOOSE until everything has been fitted, and anti siezed.
now tighten it all up.(brackets,endlinks)
I put about 15-20 ft/lbs torque on hardware.
to be honest im not sure if that's spec, but no issues apparent.

Re-install chassis brace, again 15-20 ft/lbs, anti seize.
now Splash Guard

cake, enjoy.

B. Kelley

I dont think my thread turned out the way i wanted it to but i tried. lol
pics are in order from left to right, down.

goodluck everyone.
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