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Originally Posted by eckseleven View Post
Depends on what you mean by "performance oriented". I would say that without the dead zone between gears and the constant movement in and out of peak power/torque, the CVT is a much better performer than any geared transmission Subaru could offer. Maybe you meant to say "fun transmission." That I would agree with. I do enjoy rowing through the gears, but assuming the CVT can handle a decent amount of power and transmit it efficiently to the wheels, it is clearly the better performer and something I would rather have sitting in my driveway.
It's something most people can't seem to grasp. Applying the same flaws of one item to another just because they're in the same category or are used for the same purposes doesn't mean they're going to perform the same. What I can't understand is why they can't see that. It's like they want it to be horrible because their experiences with previous ones were horrible. But just thinking about it makes me realize some people never change even after realizing things are not what they seemed (or what they wanted it to seem like) to be.