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Upgrade to steering rack bushings and O-rings for steering rack lines
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I need some help on a couple of things: 1) I need to know what and where I can get upgraded steering rack bushings for a 97 Legacy GT (BD); and 2) what part number are the O-rings that are used to attach to steering rack lines A and B (as labeled on the FSM) to the steering rack?

I am working on my "new to me" 97 Legacy GT. I have the engine out and replaced the oil separator plate as it had the 1st gen (plastic) version and was leaking oil all over the back the engine and unto the crossmember as well as everything else. Well with engine out, I started cleaning engine bay and after cleaning (using high pressure washer) I got back to working on engine (valve cover gaskets/valve covers painted, resealing oil pan......) When I went back to the car (one week later) to get it prepped for engine install, there is ATF all over the ground that had leaked from the steering rack. So I diagnose the leak location (line A and B as labeled in the FSM). I get the steering rack unbolted from the mounting points and in doing this, both OEM steering rack bushings rip apart (hence question 1).

With the steering rack lowered, I was able to get the two pipes (A and B) disconnected and noticed that the lines have tapered O-rings at each end of the steel pipes. The O-rings measure at 4mm. In looking at the opposedforces site for a part number, the O-rings are shown on the drawing, but the ref number and part number are no longer shown. I tried using a round 5mm o-ring and test fit it by screwing the pipe back into the steering rack. All it did when it was tightened was cleanly shear away the portion greater than the pipe opening. I dont know if this is sufficient enough to work or do I need the tapered O-ring?

As for the steering rack bushings--like I mentioned above, the OEM ripped apart. I am looking to upgrade with an upgraded replacement. But I can't find an exact match or vendor that has one specific to 97 Legy's. Will the KSR202 by Whiteline for the 02-04 WRX work?

thanks in advance.........
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