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Originally Posted by Subi_SuPeRNeS View Post
it could be a throw out bearing??? i'm having the same issue on my 10 lgt, it just started today, mine is bone stock....
Yeah, that's what it is. My car has been in twice under warranty for it but they keep brick-walling me for a premanent fix, which is to change the transmission case. First timr was around 18K miles, second time 33Kish, and the next time was only at like 37 or 38K, but for that one they had me wait for an appointment with a field tech from Atlanta. Mind you I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the enarest subaru dealer. So on that appointment, the car just didn't make the sound, even though the previous week the teald mechanic heard it, but because it happened ot not be doing it THAT day, 'there's nothing I can do'. I had to wait until it was doing it persistently. So now it's pretty persistent when idle, out of gear, but I haven't noticed it while driving, The first two times it could be heard while driving. Ultimately it's a one in a couple thousand chance of getting this issue. The quill shaft that the TOB rides on is aluminum and it wears, and when it wears, along with the TOB there is more play. The 'fix' is a time consuming tranny case change, in which they take the innards of your current tranny, and drop it in the new case. Root cause me still exist though, which is open to speculation...aligmnet/seating of parts and the like. After warranty is up though, I'm placing a real 'fix' available online. It's a steel sleeve with an over-sized TOB. Steel won't wear as bad as aluminum. It's like $250. They have vechicle-specific sizes to include our LGT's. "Tran-quill" I think is what they are. Love my Subi, but I'm hating this particular issue. It sounds like crap, and eveyone thinks it's a stupid belt or something.