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I don't recall seeing this combo either
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So I guess you'd be on your own. Something tells me you'd be "cramming" the springs onto those struts. But I have to admit, that "spring length" thread had me wondering about the fronts.

I say we figure out where KTM lives and steal his Bilstein BTS's, and see what he does to recoup. It ain't that easy. But a member named Easton seems to have hit a pretty good "2nd best" option: from memory, he has Legacy GT wagon springs and Spec B shocks. Bilstein HD's and those springs might work too. In both cases, spacers between struts and body (upper mount) are probably needed. In effect, between the shorter (Bilstein) strut and the spacer, its basically just moving the spring further down the strut assemby, but same effect as the original longer OB strut. So they are using a SHORTER SPRING with the effectively LONG STRUT.

after reading the thread about Baja springs on Gen 2 Outbacks, I believe the Gen 2 springs are softer and therefore sit lower than our Gen 3 springs.

I have a little experience with Bilsteins on the rear, and hope to get them on the front soon, but I am NOT a fan of KYB twin-tube shocks (OEM or aftermarket) as spec'd for Outbacks. I would be skeptical of the Legacy KYB's being any better.

actually, you should also read this:

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