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Originally Posted by 39 of 500 View Post
Yeah, pulling mad G's, or I kick it into neutral, yes 5mt, as I head to the tolls and I just coast as I like to see how much MPG i can get. I average 25.2 over 5k miles, which from what I see is pretty good. I've never noticed it on corners, though I don't drive fast, I'll give it a try, it does happen more often in reverse than forward though, I'm thinking it may be a wonky oil pump. I tend not to play with timing on an interference engine so I'm probably going to have to pay to find out. I appreciate that I'm not going to get a diagnosis on line, I don't expect to, just poking around to see if anyone has experienced anything similar. My time is valuable, I hope everyone else views theirs as such, people can spend their time however they choose, just don't see the value trolling around a forum looking to make relatively useless responses, that's all. Thanks for the constructive info offered.

You're welcome. Our responses are legit. Go elsewhere if you think our responses are worthless.