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Interesting oil light behavior during startup
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I've noticed since the weather started to get a little colder that my oil light was staying on longer that I liked when I would start the car in the morning. This has been going on for about two weeks now and on a fluke I wound up backing into my drive way the other day. When I started my car next morning I noticed the light clicked off almost instantly. So when I got home the next day I backed in again; following morning same result and ... The only difference between pulling in to my drive way and backing in is that the drive way has at max a 5 degree pitch. Seemed unusual to me that that would have an impact, but it apparently does. Has anyone noticed anything like that previously on their LGT? If so might it be a precursor to something? One other Oil light thing that happens on occasion is when I kick it in to neutral, say on the highway, very rarely the oil light clicks on I tap the gas and it goes right off, but since it's the oil light it freaks me out a little. I know I should swing it by the shop, but who has the time and I usually like to do my own work, so anyone think this might be something more severe? fun facts: I replaced the oil pressure switch a couple of months ago due to the light clicking on when I put it in neutral, but it didn't go away. I tried the mazda RX9 filter for a while but am back to Subaru OEM I run Mobil 1 5W 30. Thanks.
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