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Putting in an oil pan... Hicksta'd edition
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So I ended up finding that my stock oil pan was bent so I decided to replace it. I went with a stock replacement oil pan, mostly because the price of aftermarket ones are a little steep. Last Sunday I had the parts and started to tear into the oil pan. Come to find out it was a major pain in my ass...

All oil out, took out all the bolts, or so I thought and it wouldnt come down. So I counted the screw holes on my new pan and there are two more that were out of sight. The gap between the pan and cross brace where the motor mounts are mounted is less than an inch. I ended up needing to get a long 1/4 drive extension and 1/4 drive swivel to be able to come anywhere remotely close to these back two bolts. Luckily for me my friend who I asked to go buy me these tools bought the cheap swivel that cant retain a position to save its life.

Finally I got these ghost bolts out of the pan and the next problem was getting the pan down. Tried to shake it, used a screw drivers to pry, nothing. Finally I took a rubber mallet to it and it came loose.

No the process doesnt end there... My attempt to get the pan down was getting caught in 2 places, the header, and the cross support. I ended up taking off the header and it was still getting caught by the oil pick up being stuck on the baffling on the inside of the oil pan. After I unbolted the oil pick up the pan finally came down.

I then put my fumoto valve into my new pan cleaned the surface of where the oil pan mounts free of sealant then came to realize I forgot sealant. My buddy ran and picked up some sealant at the time I was like sweet lets finish this up. The sealant he picked up was RTV red. Big mistake.

Fast forward a little bit I put all the bits back on fill it up with new T6 and some BBK additive and job accomplished. NOT. Oil pan is leaking.

Go back under and find that its leaking from a certain spot so I figured hm must of not put enough sealant. Fast forward get everything down take 30 minutes to clean off most the sealant I can put a lot of sealant into reservoir channels of oil pan bolt everything back up new T6 back on the road. Wrong still leaking.

And now to present where I am typing this waiting for my car to cool off as I just got back from buying some T6 bought some proper sealant a proper craftsmen 1/4 drive swivel and extension and venting to forum of my greatness. I'll post up some pictures when I dive back into it here in a couple (hours).

Anyone else have as much fun changing an oil pan on their Legacy?

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