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Originally Posted by Drift Motion View Post
And 245/40/19 is not 2.5 inch taller. Not sure where did you get the information from, but it's definitely wrong.
Less than 3%/1 inch of difference.
I said:

Originally Posted by Ellesedil View Post
Since 245/40/19 is a circumference increase of almost 2.5 inches over stock...
Increasing from 2072.5mm to 2131.9mm converts over to inches as 81.5944882 and 83.9330709. Since I'm not interested in being laser accurate for this conversation and simply round to the closest half inch, the difference between 81.5 and 84 is 2.5 inches.

As for the other crap, almost no one talks about what they do with their spare tire when changing their tire sizes. Don't you still need to respect overall tire sizes on an AWD car when it comes to getting a flat tire? The recommended info for Subaru AWD cars that Tire Rack has on their website states that circumference differences should be about a quarter of an inch. Replacing a flat with a spare tire that is 2.5 inches shorter in circumference seems like a bad plan. Is this inaccurate?

Changing your spare tire size, thus, will affect what winter tire sizes you use since your spare still needs to match with both setups (or you need two spare tires). I'd like to know what other people are doing in this situation, but they're never mentioned in build threads. This seems like an appropriate thread to ask these questions.

Anyways, are we done derailing this thread? I'd still like to know what sort of things people are doing for their winter wheels and spare tire when increasing their tire size.
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