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Originally Posted by Ellesedil View Post
Part of research is finding out what other people have done so you understand what works for them in their particular situation, and making your own decision. It is extremely difficult to search through all the different threads to do that so a place that has that information consolidated is extremely useful.

Since I've never bought a tire that wasn't stock size before, let alone new rims, seeing what other people have done in similar situations to myself that matches or exceeds what I was thinking about is a great place to start from. If I was interesting in being spoon-fed, I'd eat from the dealer and stay stock.

I was thinking of going 19x8, but that was more due to not knowing how wide I can go without clearance issues so I was going to stay conservative. Knowing that 8.5 is no problem, I'm now leaning in that direction. At that point, I'm not sure I'd go any wider, even if I can.

Since 245/40/19 is a circumference increase of almost 2.5 inches over stock, this likely means the spare tire needs to be replaced with a larger one in order to keep all four wheels to a similar size in the event of a flat tire. Since the spare tire is larger, this probably means his winter tires (being in Canada, and needing to buy winter tires myself in the next week or two) are also larger than stock size, even on the stock rims.

This mirrors the situation I'm finding myself in, so I'd like to know what those sizes are so they can either confirm or contradict what I'm thinking myself. I can use a tire calculator (or do it by hand) as well as anyone (although I'm not familiar enough with offsets to be confident in planning for them), but I have no direct experience on this subject myself so I'm looking for feedback from people who have it. Is that a crime?
By the time you typed out this long paragraph, you could have searched the members that DeltaSniper has listed out. How is that information invaluable? DeltaSniper already saved you from pointlessly searching on the forum for what you need.

And 245/40/19 is not 2.5 inch taller. Not sure where did you get the information from, but it's definitely wrong.
Less than 3%/1 inch of difference.

And what does winter wheels have to do with this? It's not like the car will "learn/get used to" the new wheels/tire combo and not accept the old tire diameter anymore.

There is a thread like what you wanted exist for the 4th gen, but not 5th gen why don't you just start one?