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Originally Posted by Jace2010LGT View Post
They own 19% at this time. They could benefit from each other. I just hope it livens Toyota up but doesn't turn Subaru vanilla. Only time will tell. I love Toyota. They are great and provide me with a comfortable living but sadly the only fun to drive can we have is a frs which is a Subaru. I miss the rear drive coupes and sedans of the late 90's. Now everything is front drive and soft. The only vehicle that is entertaining is a trd supercharged tundra. Those are a blast in a straight line. One of my customers has one. We went to lunch one day he put it in 4wd high and reduced all 4 tires to molten rubber for about 35 feet. It is insane how much torque that thing makes. The landcruiser is badass but way too expensive. The Tacoma is awesome off road. But our cars are for the non driver.
I hear you. I hope they stay separate too. Toyota makes a quality product though. It says quite a bit for Toyota to trust Subaru to assemble their Camry line. I wonder about Toyota stealing Subaru's awd, but have to admit that they can probably do that now if they wanted. Toyota has the competition to the Outback. Subaru could probably benefit from Toyota's choice of interior materials.