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Originally Posted by OCDetails View Post
Those first three articles you see on my site will likely help out a lot. I get pretty specific on the how to part of using different products and tools. I know it is kind of a lot to read, but it will probably give you a better idea of what you don't know and what you might need more help with. Or it could reaffirm to you that you absolutely have the skills needed and you are good to go.

Adam's only has one leather cleaner and one conditioner, so those are the ones I would recommend. Always always always try to use a conditioner that is in a liquid or gel form. Leather is just skin basically. If your skin was super dried out, would you want a spritz of something to moisturize them or would you want a big blob of lotion? Leather is the same way. Avoid any spray conditioners if you can. Spray cleaners are fine, but how much lotion and conditioner could really be in a spray? The lotions are definitely better. Gels are even better because they don't fill up the perforations.

That is another good point. When applying the leather conditioner be sure to go light on any area with perforations. Apply the conditioner to the applicator you are using and wipe it on the solid pieces of leather first and then go over the perforations after most of the conditioner is already used on other areas. Keep a toothpick handy to clean up any that gets in the perforations, but if you are careful then you should be able to avoid it. Poorboy's Leather Stuff is my favorite conditioner for perforated leather simply because it is a gel and doesn't go in the holes as easily as the typical lotion. Anyway, just be careful and you'll be fine.
Thanks for all the help and advice! I took your advice and stopped by Adam's yesterday and let me tell you, they are running a slick oiled machine over there. I'll write up a more detailed review once I get a chance to use everything I purchased but basically I get there and I'm greeted right away. Then the sales and marketing guy comes out from the back and starts asking me questions right away about everything and starts forming a picture of what we're looking at. He goes through the products that he recommends for me and asks if I want to put together a kit. He actually took one of their preexisting kits and modifies it for me, substituting a couple products for others more tailored to what I am going to be needing. On top of everything, he gives me a discount off the total price that I never asked for! Once we got done putting the order together, he asks me if I would like a tour of the shop while they pull everything for me and gives me the tour. I am very pleased and happy with the customer service I received, even though I am just a beginner trying to get into this whole detailing thing, he treated me like a long time customer of a huge client of their's and explained everything to me. Anyone who needs detailing supplies, go to Adam's, you will not be let down