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I had done this for another forum but figured I may as well post it in here if anyone wants to see.

This is an overview of the setup in my car.

On the left you can see the mute button for my Bel RX65 radar detector. I also have a windshield mount I use for my Cobb AccessPort. You can see the ODBII cable hanging out there. I just leave it there all the time, but I only plug in the AccessPort when I want to log or tune. Dash cam is a v1000GS I got off eBay.

Under the mirror is the radar detector and the camera.

View from the outside. They don't stick out, you kind of actually have to look for them to see them. I don't think someone passing by will see them unless they really focus. The radar stands out more than the dash cam though.

You can see the fuse tap here. I think i'm running on a 15A or 20A circuit which is plenty to supply the camera and radar. They won't draw anywhere near that amperage.

You can buy fuse taps in Canadian Tire etc, but just make sure you have the proper size. Newer cars are using low profile mini fuses, and I don't really recommend using the mini fuse, because it doesn't really secure properly, but it has the same footprint. Take a fuse into the store with you if you're not sure.

All cables run behind the weatherstripping and you can see the cable come out where the mute button is for the radar.

The cables that go to the windshield tuck in behind the A-Pillar. All you really need is a flathead screwdriver. I didn't remove any paneling to do mine.

The GPS module I placed in the sunglass holder. Just used some 2 sided tape to secure it. Sunglasses still fit in there too. Had to take the headliner piece apart a bit to fish the cable for the module through.

I could even zip tie some of these cables together to tidy it up even more, but I can't see them, so it doesn't really bother me.

This is what I see in the car when it is all said and done. Can only see a bit of the cable from the dash cam.