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3.6R Faulty fuel pump
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Originally Posted by L3go View Post
For the last couple of months my car ('11 3.6R) has had an intermittent buzz and vibration from the rear passenger side when stopped at a red light or parked with the engine running. I put the car on ramps at home and traced the vibration to the gas tank.
I pulled off the plastic shields around the tank and placed my hands on it. Sure enough, when the buzz started I could feel the vibration. I figured it must be the pump. What else would be buzzing in the tank?
I took it into the dealer (Sewell Subaru in Dallas, which was a great experience BTW) and they confirmed that it must be the pump. It was removed/replaced and the noise has not returned.
I searched the forum and couldn't find anything about it, so I placed this here in hopes it could help someone else out if they have the same issue.
I too hunted down the noise/vibration while idling. It got to a point where the noise drove my wife crazy!! I took it in for the dealership to take a look at it and when I described it to the service manager he knew exactly what to do with it. The week before a customer came in with the same problem but the vehicle was an Outback 3.6R. Since it was due for an oil change they performed the TSB for reflashing the TCM, harsh upshifting from a rolling start, fixed the TSB for road vibration, and replaced the fuel pump. The loaner car was another Legacy 2.5 CVT, sooooo glad we got the flat 6! All is well so far......