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Originally Posted by iNVAR View Post
Your car stays in closed loop mode up to about 50-55 g/s on the MAF reading. In closed loop, your car will always target stoich so it will burn as ideal as possible.

I looked at my datalogs for you and in 5th gear at around 2800-2900 RPM, my WGDC is at 0% (I tuned it for this) and at 17-18% throttle I'm at -3.5 PSI vacuum, still closed loop at about 40g/s.

At 22% throttle, I'm in boost at about 2PSI, still 0% WGDC and I've just dipped into open loop at 63g/s.

So really, for fuel economy reasons, the question is... are you able to maintain 80MPH with less than 22% throttle? From looking at my logs, it appears that at 22% throttle I'm actually accelerating, very, very slightly, and at 17-18% throttle, I'm maintaining RPMs so I'm cruising.

But that's just to give you an idea of how thin of a line you'll be toeing between open/closed loop even with 0% WGDC dialed in.
Really interesting data. Since I don't have this data I'm not really certain.

There's a bit of mountain climbing I do on my treks, but in general it's basically flat driving. Of course I can slow down to 75mph, but than I'm 'in the traffic' and I find that more dangerous.

The AP will be in next week along with stoptech brake lines. So it should be a little more fun for myself. I'm getting the car in a divorce so this is a treat, distraction for me, not looking to make this into a track car - I have that. In case you were all wondering where I'm going with this modification.