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Originally Posted by RailKill View Post
Not a dumb question at all, but no, it was dry as a bone before I started it. The clamps are as tight as they can be and I can't detect any exhaust leak anymore. I would want to say that if any air was coming out where the water was, it would either be bubbling or spraying. Like I said, after the exhaust was warmed up, there wasn't any evidence of water. I'm not really concerned but more confused as to why this is happening. Also what's odd is this is happening at the clamps as well as the gasket.
Water would not spray out as there really is no pressure in the joints. You have a 3 inch diameter pipe pushing exhaust with not much pressure. I don't know if I am slow this morning, but I can't tell if you are concerned about the water. The water is normal in EVERY car, every day. The hot exhaust mixed with cold temps will pool water over night or when a car has sat and will then slowly push it out as the car travels. Spray soapy water around the concerning area and that will tell you if you have a leak.
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