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Well, we did. Broke brought over one of those chemical kits, but we couldn't get the blue water to turn yellow, at least that we could see.

When running, something causes all the coolant to come out of the radiator opening. I mean massive quantities of coolant. Gauge shows normal, hose from top of engine to radiator gets real hot (220+ degrees), causes the fan to come on, I can feel heat being transferred to the air with the first fan, but the driver's side fan extracts very little heat, at least on the top side it doesn't, didn't crawl under to see if hot air was coming through on the bottom of the driver's side fan.

I've always had a slight miss since I put this 2.5 in, but, I didn't check the heads for flatness; that is what is making me lean towards a blown head gasket. It may only leak when on the compression stroke, and maybe that cylinder is not getting an injector pulse so therefore no gasoline to make hydrocarbons with and turn the blue water yellow.

I don't know, but I do know that I should have stuck with the 2.2 I replaced the original 2.5 with. Live and learn.