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Ever seen a LGT with 11:1 comp ratio? stay tuned...
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UPDATED courtesy of superbitchstorm sandy

So i've been building this legacy, an 05 GRP LGT non limited in 5speed.

Got the car for 3k with blown turbo. A friend of mine from manley has been working on this boxer motor that's theoritically supposed to be the most effecient boxer than the apparently highly inefficient 2.5 and 2.0 motors. The block is
1. pinned for additional cylinder rigidity
2. oringed
3. built with all manley forged internals. both the piston and rods are prototypes made specificially for my HC motor. It effectively destrokes the motor to 2.35...
4. bored to 100mm
5. killer b pickup
6. 850cc DW injectors

will be running a 20g and FMIC for the time being... will be dynoing with both that and a stock location 35r to see which would be better for the application

the theory behind the motor is that it'll spin to close to 9k with the proper headwork, 11:1 compression will give great NA performance off boost. but boost lag will be reduced tremendously by the faster spool that 11:1 compression gives. It gives the motor a perfectly square bore to stroke ratio.

have no idea what to expect but the car made 550ish with a smaller hta68 at around 19psi when the motor was run briefly on a forester. car should be getting tuned in the next couple of weeks by Dave Brown from MSPT(autoperformance solutions)

when I bought her

you can see the block is pinned in the water jacket around the cylinder. as close to a closed deck block as a subaru can get, but with the benifits of cooling of an open/semiopen deck would provide! Also oringed for custom headgaskets

getting the car all put together at broken motorsports!

stay tuned for dyno numbers! the numbers wont be high i think... but according to both dave brown and tom(manley)... the motor should "smack me in the face like a v8"

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