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BAC should never be dismissed with it comes to nitty gritty about OBXT. In fact... I think he was the first person I contacted about modding the OBXT suspension before I ordered a single part. He even custom made something I'm not telling you about because I want it

Originally Posted by PrelateBishop View Post
[*]Ride Height: The outback sits way too high for my liking, so I'm thinking something along the lines of a LGT stance. However, something adjustable would be awesome for trips into the snow/mountains, assuming it isn't too pricey of a proposition.
So what you want is your OBXT setup for winter and OEM LGT sturts/springs. Alternately blown LGT struts + koni inserts w/ swift/eibach/pinks OR SpecB suspension. You do know that no coilover is really going to give you the nice ride a good strut/spring setup will.

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[*]Power: More of it, so an aftermarket tune is in order. Also would tackle how the motor breathes, since it is so much more apparent on a force fed motor. To that end, an UP/DP and exhaust seem to make sense.
You don't need an UPpipe, but you should read the forum sticky on where to start modding your car. An UP will offer you basically nothing on the oem turbo and your year has no catalytic in the up anyhow. Dont mess with your intake. Dont mess with your intake. Dont mess with your intake. x3

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[*]Appearance: The 08/09 Outback grill is fugly IMHO, so that has to be changed; with what, I dunno.
Heads up, LGT and OB grills are NOT interchangeable for 05-07. Ask me how I know. I bet its the same with 08-09.

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The wheels are gonna get the boot, perhaps with a set of XXR's that I have my eyes on. I also dig yellow fogs, so that is a strong possibility. Finally, might try to do something with that wood trim on the interior.
Im looking at cheap as I will be replacing one a year due to inevitable curbage from the wife. Am looking at 17x8+48 BremmerKraft BRO7 sin silver (hey Bro! ) with either Firehawk Wide Oval 500 235/55/17 or BFG KDW2 235/55/17. Id swap to 5-6k HID long before swapping out perfectly good fogs (yellow is sorta ricey). After going with WHITE hid, the fogs looks pretty yellow anyhow. I can take a night shot of my LGT for you if you want with white HID and oem (seemingly yellow) bulbs to compare if you want.

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Some immediate follow-up that comes to me is you mention a Stage 2 tune; where do I get that done and by whom? What all is entailed? How much $$? I imagine there is a fairly substantial collections of parts. Would you care to elaborate on some of the specifics?
Not doing you a favor unless I pass you the hard work compiled for you already: Forum stickies, forum stickies, forum stickies, forum stickies...
In this case you need a Tactrix not a VACCOM.
Don't short change yourself with a CobbAP map. Get a Infamous1 or Cryotune.

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