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Originally Posted by LosAngelesLGT View Post
Basically the same. What are you looking to do? My wife is very happy with her setup (sans struts which we are sorting out):
Stage 1 tune (keep her 100% smog legal in CA)
KillerB Oil Pickup (if you ever drop the oil pan, DO A PICKUP!)
AVO Rear Swaybar Mounts (must have, oem mounts will bend too easily)
Hotchkis Swaybars Front and Rear
Kartboy Endlinks (absolutely need for RSB with OBXT, can get away with OEM on front and you will need the spacers in the link kit)
Magnaflow Catback (for rumble, no gains at stage 1, minimal at stage 2)
IP&T Turbo oil supply line (overkill, got it so I can check the filter easily and frequently)

I suggest for you to start with

CNT Catted DP (check IPT for a automatic or manual pipe per your car)
Stage 2 tune
F & R Swaybars (of your choice, Ive been very happy with Hotchkis and Cusco)
Kartboy Endlinks (rear)

And see if you really want anything else. That will give you a LOT more power, will get rid of the wallowing, rolly feel in turns and will give you great turn in instead of over steer.
This, for the win. Nice!

If I end up making a purchase, I'll be throwing a couple dozen questions at you. Many thanks for the input.

As for my plans, I'd like to address a number of issues:
  • Ride Height: The outback sits way too high for my liking, so I'm thinking something along the lines of a LGT stance. However, something adjustable would be awesome for trips into the snow/mountains, assuming it isn't too pricey of a proposition.
  • Handling: Uh, what you said.
  • Power: More of it, so an aftermarket tune is in order. Also would tackle how the motor breathes, since it is so much more apparent on a force fed motor. To that end, an UP/DP and exhaust seem to make sense.
  • Appearance: The 08/09 Outback grill is fugly IMHO, so that has to be changed; with what, I dunno. The wheels are gonna get the boot, perhaps with a set of XXR's that I have my eyes on. I also dig yellow fogs, so that is a strong possibility. Finally, might try to do something with that wood trim on the interior.

That's what my list kinda looks like at the moment.

Some immediate follow-up that comes to me is you mention a Stage 2 tune; where do I get that done and by whom? What all is entailed? How much $$? I imagine there is a fairly substantial collections of parts.

Originally Posted by BAC5.2 View Post
Most are directly swappable, with some minor differences.

Would you care to elaborate on some of the specifics?