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Originally Posted by dspl1236 View Post
i have read your frankenmotor build. seems like the route to go. what kind of power and boost levels do you plan on running? what turbo? what do you think that engine combo can handle? if the pistons are upgraded, what can the block or rods handle? are the guys using 22e's no issues on a chipped/reflashed hp level?

i know alot of questions. just curious on longevity and what could be a true franken 300hp/250whp route without too much aftermarket. I like oem swaps.

I was thinking on going megasquirt at some point to get a good stock baseline tune in while building that engine combo on a stand.
I originally chose the idea for a DOHC EJ22E because I feel that it is taking the best of both worlds & combining them into one engine.
The first time I did it (to a 5 speed L), I didn't have a clue that it would give me a turbo ready engine.
I just did it because people told me it wouldn't work & because I needed a good engine right at the moment.

If & when I boost my engine, I will be running no more than stock EJ22T boost levels just to see how it stands up (the block has 101+K on it so it should withstand quite a bit) but no more than 15psi though people run it up to about 16-18psi for racing.
People w/22Ts tend to go apes**t w/boost levels.
The turbo kit I pan on getting my hands on will be mixed stock 22T/205 hardware (exhaust header, intercooler, up/down pipes, injectors, etc).
The crank & rods are the exact same units as used in the 22T so those are not weak points as they are very strong (the rods are stronger that those used in the EJ25D).

As for 250whp, you will get that using 205 heads on a 22E block off a good tune, especially using MegaSquirt (I've only seen that in person 6x so I'm not the one to speak with about that but brokindarkagain has used it on his EJ20R swapped Legacy & will be able to give you way more info.)
If you wanted to REALLY be serious about it, you would get those chambers cut to the 22E bore, which would drop your compression & create less hot spots = less detonation while delivering smoother power.
Longevity will be extremely high provided you didn't kick the crap out of it (transmission will probably give out first under a few launches though since our stock 5spds really aren't up to that sort of thing.)
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