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Originally Posted by enzotheracer View Post
when you replaced your plugs did you look at them and if so, did they all look the same?
They all did for the most part. They were dark black, the two on the driver side were worse than the 2 on the passenger side. The front plug on the driver side was drenched in oil. Not sure it's related but I smell burning oil 24/7 ever since I did a tune up, which is weird.

What oil do you guys run? I was roughly 2qts low and topped off with Castrol 20w50. My VWs with a lot of miles run better with the thicker oil. I applied the same principles with the Subaru.

Originally Posted by Legacy Wagon View Post
Try idling and putting on your headlights and holding
the stem for your brights back gently so that it puts
on the brights and headlights at the same time and
see what it does to your RPM's. May be a bad ground
or a power issue with the alternator.

If the boots are ripped it's time to replace or rebuild
it. I would suggest replacement since Autozone has
lifetime warranties on CV axles. It rips, you bring it
in, they give you another one.

I wouldnt know what to do about the coilovers.
I'd be hardpressed to believe it'd work with
the Impreza's coilovers though. Have you tried
asking on
I'll try that tonight and give you an update. I am going to replace all 4 axles(there's 4 on this car right?). I just wanna address other issues first. I need to do an oil change because I'm unsure when it was last done. I'm going to get an OEM filter, I haven't seen any leaks but would you guys recommend new VC gaskets and resealing the pan? I tried searching for pan gasket and it said it only uses a little O-ring gasket to use silicone to seal the pan to the block.

I also need to do a coolant flush and change the t-stat since winter is around the corner and I have %90 water in there. Local Subaru shop said to just get the Prestone 50/50 stuff. Is that what you run?

I haven't asked there, didn't know about the site. I'll sign up now.

Thanks for all of the help!