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Guys. Look, I understand where you're coming from. I'm a snowboarder/wakeboarder, and I have many friends who have worked at local pro shops. They give me shit all the time if I order something online as opposed to their shop. I told them, sometimes it just comes down to convenience and price. All things considered, I will always support a local shop, but paying sometimes double the price for the same product logically makes no sense. Pride goes out the door at some point. Like I said earlier, I only went on eBay for the no interest deal as I didn't have an extra 200 bux right now, but I needed to fix these problems. Again, all things equal, I would have gladly supported someone on this forum. At the same time, had I never been on this forum, I may not have ever discovered AZP, so in a sense it's advertising for you guys as well. There's also nothing stopping you from selling items on eBay to supplement your shop/website. Many companies do it, like the shops I ordered these parts from. While I have no idea if they are on this forum contributing as well, they are still smaller shops trying to stay in business as well. I'm not trying to start anything, I was just trying to help out others on this forum who may also be strapped for cash at the moment, but need to make repairs. You're not helping your situation by attacking anyone. As I said before, I didn't know you contributed money to the site. A simple message asking to support dealers such as yourself would have went a long way instead of making me look like a bad guy for doing something that was necessary for me at the time.