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#16: 10-07-2012, 12:11 AM
I kind of feel welcome lol hopefully I'll grow on you guys eventually
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Well, although everybody here hates it, I personally love it to death but thanks for the welcome lol. Over the next couple days I'm actually baking the lights so I can paint the housings black and then I'll be removing the tints.

I know my exhaust is detracting from hp/ performance I was not aiming for it to be a high performance vehicle, the guy who welded my pipes told me id lose back pressure and performance. After all I do want UEL headers so I'm fully aware of the loss in performance. I also have a ton of heavy sound system components that really slow my car down anyway, its pretty much an economical daily driver with a lot of things to keep myself entertained

I understand that some of my mods also detract from safety but I can't say I really care as ignorant as that sounds. I've had the light and window tints since last summer and i have not felt endangered once by them yet. Also the window tints really make a difference in interior temperature and totally get rid of annoying glares from the sun. I also like preventing snoopy people from looking into my car as they walk down my block which seems to happen a lot around these parts.

Thanks for the welcome