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#1: 10-06-2012, 12:56 PM
Lost power at Wot
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Today while driving in first gear i floored it and somewhere between 6-7k rpm there was a loud pop(maybe from exhaust?idk) and I lost power going to the wheels and there was no exhaust noise either so i quickly put it in neutral. It pretty much felt and sounded like if i had pushed in the clutch at high rpms even though i didnt. I let it coast for afew seconds then put it in 2nd gear to make sure i didnt blow up the engine. So now in second gear its drove fine i just got a slight burnt smell. The rest of the way home it drove normal but i was scared i messed something up because this has never happened before. Should i go to a shop and get it checked out or does anyone have an idea what might of caused that to happen?

car info:
93k miles
Stage 2
Cobb accessport
Stock clutch
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