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Looking For Recommendations For An Auto School In Or Around Boston
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Hey everybody,

So I've always been interested in cars ever since I was a little kid. Partly because of my dad being somewhat of a self taught mechanic and partly just because I found myself fascinated by them but I never had the father son bonding experience over working on a car. Because of this I really don't know much about cars, engines, transmissions and the mechanics behind all of it. I mean I don't even know how to do an oil change (I would be able to if I looked it up and had some instructions but I wouldn't be able to change it without some instructions).

I'm 21 years old and I dropped out of college in 2010 because sitting in class all day learning calculus and American Literature just doesn't catch my attention and I wasn't able to make it work so now I'm looking for a career. I'm looking for something hands on and I came to the conclusion over the past couple weeks, with some convincing that I can do it from my fiance, that I really want to get my schooling learning about cars and how they work and how to work on them, mainly Subarus but I'm interested in other foreign car companies as well. I don't particularly want to be just a general mechanic although I am assuming that I would have to spend time as a mechanic in order to work towards this goal/dream of mine. My goal/dream would be to end up doing something like Bren from Bren Tuning does, whether I end up working for a tuning/aftermarket shop like his or end up having my own shop or working for a shop and then moving on to have my own shop that offers similar services as Bren's does. I want to learn to be able to install aftermarket parts, work on engines, do tuning both on a dyno as well as on the road and things like that.

That being said I was wondering if I could get some suggestions as far as what track I should take in order work towards my goal? I would also like some suggestions as to some specific schools that are really good around the Boston area that would help me make my dream/goal a reality. I live in Lynn so the closer to Lynn the better but I don't mind commuting too much. I just want to know where to start, what steps I will need to take to work towards what I want to do and I would really appreciate some advice from people on the forums.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond to this post,
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