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Originally Posted by Stang70Fastback View Post
*crickets chirping*

Seriously. We're talking about a late 90s Subaru. Just put "does not include head gaskets, or cupholders" and we can go ahead and close this thread.
Good sir, would you like the entire list of things that have failed on both of my Subaru's??

Well, don't bother asking. I'm going to tell you anyways, lol.

I had my 96 GT 4EAT for about 6 months before anything went wrong. By that time it had seen many redline shifts, off road driving at least 2 to 3 times a week, a few trips to the mountains ( I think this is what did my gaskets in. The car overheated on my 15th trip up the mountain to the slope-side house. I had to bring everyones stuff up because no one else's car could make it up. It was impossible to get up by foot either. SUBARU FTW!), and only about 7k miles total.

I drove around on blown head gaskets for about 4 or 5 months before I could afford to repair them.

I've had to replace the:

head gaskets ($350)
steering rack ($100)
both front axles ($150)
coolant ($200 or so worth over time)
radiator ($140)

Total put into it to keep it going mechanically - $940

And that doesn't count my windshield, anything else I had to just replace, or the failing center diff...

A few thousand miles after replacing the gaskets, my motor developed a rod knock. Spun a bearing due to the amount of times I overheated it.

Well, at about that time I had just about enough with the car. So, I put it in a corner of my friends yard. And there it has sat for several months now.

That brings us to my 98 GT wagon 5MT. The car that is out to destroy me....

I bought it on May 24th for $2,000 and since then (minus about a month and a half of being non-drivable it has seen about 11k miles. Most of which have been rather hard, with me rushing here and there all the time....

I knew it needed a few random things, but nothing seemed mechanically wrong with it. The timing belt, water pump, all the tensioners, clutch (shitiest thing ever), and the head gaskets had been replaced. It had a slight misfire, an exhaust leak, a bit of front end damage (I will NEVER purchase another car that has seen any structural damage even in the slightest), a fog light out, a broken rear view mirror, a sloppy shifter, a small exhaust leak, and the absolute tiniest bit of bearing noise.

Some of the things that have broken since then:

Clutch ($200)
rad fans (replaced with sedans rad and fans)
Axles ($150)
exhaust coupler (haven't fixed)
a shredded tire ($35 used)
A/C condenser ($30)
trans mount ($8) Thanks Swagon!
bent tie rod (replacing rack with one from sedan and getting car aligned)
my damn motor seized out of nowhere due to failed oil circulation ($300 plus for a new one)
head gasket ($50)
I now need struts and an alignment ($500)
I now need to replace another effing head gasket ($70 gasket kit / 50 for gasket)
throttle body failed (replaced with spare)

total of those things - $1,393

All that in just a few months of owning it when nothing should have gone wrong.

I've had a bunch of other things break or fail on me that I haven't even listed. Every time I turn around something goes wrong or breaks out of nowhere. I also have to get tires for it and replace a few other things. So that's another $600 or so into it. That's double what I paid for it. $,4000 freaking dollars. A car that's worth only $3,500 at the most with all the work that I've put into it.....