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Originally Posted by c-lo View Post
you do realize most of the members on here own Legacy's correct?

have you tried the NASIOC site? you might get your answer sooner.
Same procedure same engine.

Misfire codes and un-verified valve work dont sound good First pull your spark plug wires for Cyls 2 and 4 if they are coated in oil that could be your problem. While you are at it pull the plug and make sure it isnt fouled. If both check out to be good pull the misfire codes (if you have a CEL) from the ECU. Depending on the code you will have a better idea of the problem. If you have valve clearance problems your engine woudl be toast a while ago but they may have been lashed incorrectly.

If you do need to have them lashed it isnt a terribly hard job but getting the driver side valve off is a PITA and youll need finger gauges and a mean to turn the engine to check between adjustment.