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So tomorrow is the big day, all the hoses that didnt come back with the turbo have been sourced, wheel bearing changed while she was off the road - one was by far the worst conditions I have ever seen, at least a mil of play in the bearing while it was off. Either the previous owner had a high tolerance for humming or never went over 30.

Anyways, I want to get the prime of the turbo right.

I plan on syringing some oil into the top of the turbo before connecting the oil line, my question is, should I crank the engine with the oil line off to see if there is good pressure coming out first (with fuel pump fuse out - anyone know which one that is?)? My turbo was in good condition according to BNR, so no real worry of oil issues right now.

My original plan was to just fill as much of the turbo as I could with oil, slowly, connect the oil line and then crank for 20-30 seconds to lube her up.

How does that sound? Is there a running in period for rebuilt VF40's? I dont plan on driving it like I stole it, as I never do, but should I keep her out of high RPM's for a while?