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Emisions code, losing oil, dies after filling gas tank
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I need help fixing my girlfriends Legacy! Its an 05, not the gt. It has 142k miles. I always change the oil before it gets dark regardless of how many miles. I like the oil to come back out the way it went in so I do a lot of oil changes. Today I went to check the dipstick and see how the oil looked and it came out dry, I ended up adding 3 quarts of oil to get it to read full again. She has a check engine light for the gas cap being off, we have replaced the gas cap and that didnt fix it and the local subaru dealer said they dont know what else to do. Theyre not helpful. But when she fills her car with gas (she never fills it passed when the pump stops) then her car has a really hard time starting and you have to give it a lot of the gas pedal. Followed by the car dieing if you stop hitting the gas. So you kinda have to pop it into drive while revving it a little bit. This only happens when the car is filled with gas. Sometimes if the car is idleing in a parking lot for some time it will slowly get lower and lower rpms and eventually just shut off. Usually when its hot out. The other issue that may or may not be related is her cruise does not work. When the check engine light is shut off, the cruise will jump forward and backward revving it up and down slightly. Just enough to be annoying light a little twitch, and then eventually the cruise light starts flashing and doesnt work at all I assume it just shuts itself out do to the malfunction. Normally I can figure stuff out but this has me confused. I'm more of a dirtbike person then a car person and cars are way more conplicated. Any help is much appreciated!
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