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#1: 10-01-2012, 05:54 PM
Got a 00 GT
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Got a titanium pearl 5spd GT last week.
135k, No idea if the head gasket has been done.

Tires on the car are 'from a friend' and way too big, tearing up the fenders...
Have to get some of those, looking at these..

brakes feel SUPER weak. They get massive fade after about 10 minutes of 'sport' driving on back roads.
I'm thinking they are sticking or the e-brake is sticking.

pretty sure it has an exhaust leak. I wanna gut the cat and maybe pick up a borla or something. I hate rasp.. so I'll have to do research.

Also, the security B.S. seems to be... unstable.. lol.
Sometimes the lights flash.. sometimes they dont.. sometimes the interior light comes on.. sometimes it doesnt.. sometimes it locks.. etc..etc..

Anyways, Ill post a pic shortly.

I have a To Do list. Any suggestions are welcome
Tires are a MUST at this point
Blitz the wheels and grille
Fix exhaust leak, gut the cat.. (redneck I know.. but hey, it passes visual and there isnt emissions in my area)
Pulgs and Wires (Any suggestions?)
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