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Hello, thanks for your reply, I do agree that since I discovered that it makes that noise in park too, that is probably not trans and that's why I hoping to hear thoughts from others. The jumping I spoke about was when I first take off going from 1st to 2nd seems to shift hard, like it shifts hard but doesn't do it in any other gear. Maybe I'm just being oo, I have been driving a brand new truck for a couple years and its so much quieter.

I also noticed the other day when it was wet out that when I was turning right at a decent speed, coming off a ramp, that I heard what sounded like metal clanging around but stopped once I straightened out the wheel, the sound seemed to be coming from the rear drivers wheel or at least back end of the car. Maybe the sound is there all of the time and typically don't hear it but just something I noticed. I have replaced bearings on a few subarus now so it could be that.

I just don't want to fix anything until I figure out the main noise in case its something major.

Also the resevoir on my power steering pump is leaking, when it was replaced it was just the pump and not the resevoir because I noticed the resevoir was rusty and it appears to be leaking at the gasket where it meets the pump.

Thanks for all of the great info, hope this helps more than confuses

Have a great day!

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