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FS (Tri-State NY/NNJ) 4 OZ Ultraleggera Silver 17x8 +48 w/ Toyo R1R 245/40/17 -Sold
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Going back to stock. Put my stock wheels back on, so im selling my DD wheel/tire set. they are silver OZ Ultraleggeras 17"x8" +48 rims. On them are Toyo Proxes R1Rs at a size of 245/40/17. the rims are in very good shape which i will describe below. The tires are towards the end of their life but still have some tread left. In fact, for autox/track duty, the tires are actually at their most sticky state. the R1R's are known to have near R-comp grip at lower tread depths so don't count them out. they grip like glue. Ive numbered the rim pics below to correspond with my descriptions.

Rims 1&2 I've had for about 4 years. Rims 3&4 are newer as i had to get 2 replacements over time due to a curb impact that happened last year. All rims are not bent at all.

Rim 1 is the oldest of the set. it has a small curb rash on the lip and some tar stains that could probably be cleaned with the right product. it also has some chips and scratches associated from daily use and mounting and dismounting when i'd take them off at autox events.

Rim 2 is better that Rim 1. It has the smallest of curb rash but it can barely be seen unless you are inspecting the rim up close. it has a couple paint chips near the center and on one of the spokes and the same type of scratches associated with frequent rim removal as rim 1.

Rim 3 is in great shape. just a scuff which can be cleaned and 1 small chip on the spoke. no curbage at all and very little scratches as this rim is newer and has not been removed as much as the first 2

Rim 4 is damn near flawless, almost perfect. Im sure there my be a scratch her or there if you look really hard, but i cant see any.

Let the pictures do the talking. the rims overall are in great shape. 8.5/10 - 9/10.

These rims will clear brembos, or any BBK that fits under a 17" wheel. New this setup goes for $1620+shipping. I will sell for $875 picked up. I do not want to have to ship these, but i will ship with the complete understanding that the buyer will pay for ALL shipping charges and Paypal fees. That is not negotiable.

PM to secure purchase

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