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The Limited 17" Wheels & 225/50/17 Tire Comments
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Malone: CONGRATS on the new Ride !!!! You have the Limited with 17" Wheels correct? 225/50/17 tires ? I have upgraded my 2010 Legacy Premium with 17" Subaru Wheels and got new 225/50/17 Cooper ZEONs for the tires. Other than having the wheel Balancing rectified - going back today to my dealer - how do you find the ride on these tires?? My 16" wheels with 205/60/16 tires felt a little "softer" - a bit more comfortable ride. IMO, I find that the handling is better, not markedly better, (still debating whether buying the 17" wheels was really worth it), but there has been a sacrifice in the ride.

The Coopers have a 45 day Return Policy. I am strongly considering exchanging to Cooper CS4 Touring for the same size which is in the Brochure for both the 2012 and 2013 Legacy 2.5i Limited. The 2010 2.5i Limited comes with 215/50/17. That's the size my Dealer recommends I go for?? I'm going to get the Zeons rebalanced and see how that goes before I drive my self and the Tire Dealer Bonkers !!! Your opinion on the Feeling of the Ride is appreciated.