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Originally Posted by xero287 View Post
A Tuner should be able to provide maps for both Open Source and an AP. AP maps tend to be a bit more expensive, but it would be the same map.

You don't need a laptop. Just buy a used netbook off of craigslist if you're concerned with price.

Opensource cost: ~ $170 (Tactrix)+ $100 (Netbook)+ $150 (Tune) = $320

AP cost: ~ $595 (AP) + $160 (Tune) = $755

As you can see, the AP route is still more expensive. You can ask the tuner to put launch control in the map as well. If you want to meet up with me later on this week, I'd be happy to show you how it works.
I actually charge the same rate whether ap or os, when etuning there isnt a whole lot of difference from my end.

If you already have the cobb and enjoy it, plus your local dyno options seem to prefer it you might be better off sticking with it.

If you had a laptop and were unhappy with the price of the cobb i could understand selling....the launch control,ff shifting , map switching, live guages and ease of use with the handheld are definatly nice added options.

Plus tinywrx's launch control patch for opensource is another 30 bucks i believe.

Looks like you got some decisions to make.....


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