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even though I am not using synthetic in my 2010, I am a fan of it, Rotella is good stuff, and in many ways so is Mobil 1, I myself ran the Mobil 1 in my Honda S2000, mostly because I felt the higher loads on the engine from 9000 rpms warranted the use of better than dino oil, Also my SCCA prepped BMW 320is running dual Weber DCOE carbs and a 304 degree camshaft was always run on Mobil 1 10-30 and after 200,000 miles at the teardown you could nearly eat food from inside the valvetrain area, and the engine bearings and cylinder wall still met OEM specifications, too bad I missed a shift and introduced a couple exhaust valves to the pistons. (before anyone asks....after driving an S2000 at the track its best not to jump into a vehicle that can't take 9k shifts) If my Legacy had a turbo I would go with either Rotella or Mobil 1, but to reflect the original poster's query....its a different additive package, it will not harm your less than high mileage engine, since it has additives to reduce oil burning and there seems to be a number of people who have noticed the Subaru chews it up.....its probably better than the regular stuff....but I think the Rotella would be better suited in a turbo engine (it was originally formulated for turbo diesel engines....and has better additives for turbo protection) I think it can be found cheaper as well.