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Potential Honda Ship-Jumper... Pondering a Legacy
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Hello! I'm a devout Honda owner since I bought my first in 1997. I've outgrown my current car (2002 Accord 2dr) and I'm thinking about jumping ship into a 2008 or 2009 Legacy. Kids & 2 doors don't exactly go together, and now that I'm a little older, I'd like something a little classier/fancier than my 10 year old coupe.

When I started looking at these cars, I initially ruled out the GT models simply because of the "temptation" factor in modding and such. I've put thousands (more thousands than I'd care to tell you) into my project Civic, and I'm just not sure I want to start doing that again... I concentrated my search on the 3.0R just because of the lack of modding potential. I also wasn't really sure I wanted to deal with the maintenance factor of the LGT - I've been babied with the low-maintenance needs of the Honda's I've owned... I also quite like the thought of not having to do a timing belt on the 3.0R, as opposed to 80-100k on the 4 cylinder models...

However, I found a 2008 LGT with 30K miles for a very reasonable price, and it's not 4 or 5 hours away like the 3.0R's I've found, so I'm reconsidering my prior stance on the turbo. Even then, the H6 still seems like the right choice for me.

So I guess my question is if anyone else 'round these parts is a Honda convert? Any advice for a potential first-time Subaru buyer?
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